Professional web development

Effective and secure web solutions customized to meet your business needs.
We decide on the technology stack and devise the project's structure to ensure a simple file structure, quick deploy, high performance, and seamless operation.
UI/UX Design
Based on your needs we create clickable prototypes for you to feel real user experience. Then after several iterations of feedback processing we polish everything and create nice visual design.
Front-end Development
We work with ReactJS, Redux, AngularJS for complex and unique solutions, while using Laravel and WordPress frameworks for projects with simple interfaces.
Back-end Development
We specialize in Node.js and PHP development. Also, we use AWS backed services to effectively spend budget only on code that absolutely required.
QA and Testing
Our QA team creates formal acceptance criterias to ensure that all features are implemented as desired.
Post-release Support
After release to production, we setup extensive monitoring and logging that uncovers all internal system behavior. So we can notice problems long before they harm business and fix them proactively.

We care about your business web presence with the latest technology

Our web development experts analyze your requirements to build web solutions that look good in each browser and on every screen. We use latest trends like PWA and scalable databases to fit your growing business needs.
Diving Universe
ATN Corp.

Case study: RoundPier education platform

RoundPier is a web solution for educational organizations, including schools, after-school clubs, and summer programs, as they can create unique profiles and offer them opportunities to students. The parental control system helps monitor and control children's connections and messages.

Case study: Diving Universe social networking platform

Diving Universe is a world-wide social networking platform that is designed to help divers share their experience with the community by filling out a report about a certain destination and share it via Facebook.

Case study: ATN Corp eCommerce website

ATN Corp website gives customers access to the online store, detailed information about the company and the technologies they use, customer support service and much more. As a leading manufacturer of precision optics, ATN wanted a website, which would not only reflect their experience in the industry but would also be secure and easily customizable.

Meet BVG Software Group web experts

With us you will stay on the edge of web development practices, technologies and solutions. Our experienced R&D department will help your most challenging ideas to become working web applications and interfaces.
Maksim, Back-end Developer
7+ years of professional back-end development experience. Highly skilled at PHP and Node.js, as well as Laravel framework.
Arthur, Front-end Developer
6+ years of professional front-end development experience. Highly skilled at JavaScript, AngularJS, and WordPress framework.
Vladyslav, UI/UX Designer
6+ years in web design. Highly skilled at Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma and interactive prototyping.

What our clients say

  • Greg Zavorotniy

    CEO, Roundpier

    BVG SG Team has done a great job taking the project from an idea to a fully working platform. We are constantly improving the product and continue working with the team on a daily basis. We hope to have a number of new related projects for BVG SG in the near future.
  • Nap Andrei Samson

    Founder, Hey Frendz

    BVG Software Group team delivered a high-quality platform that functions as expected and arrived on time. The team was responsive, communicative, and adept at solving problems, making for a productive collaboration.BVG Software Group team delivered a high-quality platform that functions as expected and arrived on time. The team was responsive, communicative, and adept at solving problems, making for a productive collaboration.
  • Ilker Dogan

    Co-Founder, Natresnet

    I was amazed at how smoothly the project was running. BVG Software Group quickly grasped end goals and delivered high-quality output according to our plan.