Cross-platform VR educational software

A VR educational system built as a combination of two Windows applications, an Android application, a web-portal, and a server-side API, that creates a complex software system that provides the opportunity to create custom builds for different clients with different content configurations.

Challenges accepted

Challenges accepted

We were excited to build a complex, but easy-to-use multi-platform software system for our client that required a fully customizable and scalable functionality with different “plug & play” content modules.
To achieve a high level of security for such a complex, cross-platform content system, our team had to develop and implement a range of custom solutions across different system levels.

Solutions found

Solutions found

To achieve a custom solution that our complex software system requires, we delicately guided our client through all phases of project life-cycle from gathering requirements and specification creation to product design and architecture development to consulting and support.
To protect client content and private data, we developed a custom solution based on a stable and secure API, which provides a custom security configuration interface and additional protection on the hardware level.
  • The observational still module

    Challenging tasks using 360 stills is an interactive and customizable content module where the user can navigate through a series of images and carry out simple tasks, such as clicking on hazards or answering questions.
  • The observational video module

    A module that requires the user to look around, while the application will monitor their observations by tracking eye movement onto special hotspots on the footage that are unseen by the user.
  • Interactive game module

    A fully interactive environment where users can navigate around a 360-degree scene and perform a range of interactions with objects to achieve a specific set of goals using the gear VR controller.

Technologies used

With the assistance of the latest and most dependable technologies such as C#, .NET, MongoDB, mySQL, Android, Oculus Go, Azure, HLS, WebSocket and others, we were able to provide our client with high-level security and protection in addition to constant maintenance and support.

What our clients say

  • Pryce Duncalf
    Creative Director/Software Designer, Munk Studios
    They have a fresh, enthusiastic perspective. In light of our technical experience, they've been understanding and supportive about where we're coming from.