Social networking platform for students

The client’s ambition was to build an educational community website and mobile application that would help students with seeking opportunities to get matched with educators and academic organizations around the world.

Challenges accepted

Challenges accepted

Getting quick and relevant feedback from functionality and fix problems to filter out monetization strategies which will realize a successful business model.
Keeping the marketplace trustworthy for users that meet service providers online and at their homes as well as parents of underage kids that chat with tutors.

Solutions found

Solutions found

As of today, web, iOS and Android apps are released, and 9,000 people have signed up. Ambassadors — users with a special status — help with testing the platform and provide feedback. Now, the priority is to pivot the business model based on the insights of our users' behavior and needs.
Regarding protection, tutors are getting accredited after their legal background and CV are checked by the Roundpier team. Parents are required to give their approval before their student connects to a tutor; consequently, parents also get access to their chats, which are implemented so that any message can be deleted or edited.
  • Academic and extracurricular platform

    RoundPier is a great tool for educational organizations including schools, after-school clubs, and summer programs as they can create unique profiles and bring their opportunities to students based on their interests.
  • The website

    This LinkedIn-like platform allows students to learn from one another and achieve better results in and outside the classroom. The parental control system helps to monitor and control children’s connections and messages.
  • Mobile application

    To allow students to be online at a social network as much as possible and engage with their peers and educational organizations quickly, the mobile application has been released for both iOS and Android.

Technologies used

Built with the assistance of latest and stable technologies, such as PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, Java, Swift, React Native, Node.js, MySQL and others, we provided our client with high-level security and protection in addition to constant maintenance and support.

What our clients say

  • Greg Zavorotniy
    CEO, Roundpier
    They managed the project effectively throughout, communicating well and maintaining a clear overview of the tasks and what was completed. I feel that having a commercially-minded project manager who understood what we were trying to achieve was also really helpful. BVG SG team was always making a good job internally thinking through various issues and developing an action plan.