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The enterprise-level company was looking for a flexible, reliable, and scalable solution for the web platform. Their goal was to create a sole content and functionality delivery cycle to be operated hand in hand by multiple content management, marketing, and engineering teams.

We have created infrastructure based on Adobe Experience Manager which is now run by more than 100 specialists who deliver content, make updates, and implement functionality to convert website visitors into new customers worldwide.
Providing services worldwide, our customer has a dozen of marketing teams in different countries running hundreds of marketing campaigns on regular basis. There has always been an issue with coordinating campaigns across the teams as well as analyzing them.

Above that, there was a need to manage a wide range of functionality of the platform, and to build reports in an easy way via the ad-hoc web interface.

Considering these requirements, we have integrated the Adobe Analytics system to let more than 10 marketing teams of customer access all the data they needed for their work.
Our customer has millions of users worldwide and needed to create a support portal with better scalability and customization than they already had. Also, they had a marketing web platform implemented on the basis of Adobe Experience Manager CMS with SalesForce integrated into its IT infrastructure.

What we needed to implement was the integration of SFDC support cases and the knowledge base articles functionality into AEM. As the result, the customer now has a reliable, flexible, safe for user data and convenient support portal which increased customer satisfaction.
Our customer has multiple marketing teams which work in an asynchronous way for different markets, so they have faced issues with managing and implementing the 3rd party tags. Above that, the marketing department was growing fast, so there was a need for quick delivery of 3rd party tools for any new functionality of the web platform.

We have used Adobe Launch as the most flexible solution to cover the customer's needs. Now they have dynamic and flexible system for any front-end 3rd party code delivery implemented and maintained by our team.

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We keep a strong focus on unlocking the potential of the Adobe Experience Manager ecosystem powered by a good choice of integrations to set up scalable and speedy CMS solution that is right on time and just right for the customer.
Step 1
We start by defining the customers' goals and struggles to improve their speed and consistency, and to build digital experiences as unique as their strategy.
Step 2
We customize and extend the functionality of the CMS working with Product Managers on agile methodologies to keep implementation processes flexible and efficient.
Step 3
Supported by our experts, customers can spend less time managing content, and more time improving marketing campaigns, customer journey, and site performance.

What our clients say

  • David Griffiths

    Director, Make Believe UK Ltd.

    A trusted partner recommended BVG Software Group after having a great experience with them. The team’s constant availability, easygoing demeanor, and ability to meet complex requirements continue to impress us.
  • Faissel Farhi

    Director, Zellij Gallery

    The BVG team handled all the challenges thrown at them. The quality of their work, their speed of execution, and their cooperative spirit are great.
  • Matthew Smith

    Managing Director, Edg-VR

    They get results. Internal and external feedback has been overwhelmingly positive — our system is used every day so we can't have it breaking. They're good about working on the things that we need them to deliver.
  • Pryce Duncalf

    Creative Director/Software Designer, Munk Studios

    They have a fresh, enthusiastic perspective. In light of our technical experience, they've been understanding and supportive about where we're coming from.