Virtual and Augmented Reality development

Our expert Unity team is capable of meeting tight deadlines and exceeding expectations.
Software development outsourcing with on-time & on-budget guarantee.

Latest technology for the most immersive experience

We use cross-platform 3D engines like Unity and Unreal Engine, and natively-designed tools for iOS/Android such as ARkit and AR Core. Coupled with over 8 years of experience in 3D technology, we are capable of implementing anything you can possibly desire.

Your VR/AR/Gaming product development stages

We start with the elicitation of project parameters followed by the layout of the application.
The first prototype is delivered to you soon after the start of our collaboration.
The latest tools for building 3D environments are used to create your VR, AR or gaming application.
Beta released! It's now time to polish your app. Quality of code and good UX is our utmost priority.
You and our QA team work out the bugs and make appropriate changes to make your product shine.
Product release
Completion with our on-time and on-budget guarantee. Release support is included.

Virtual Reality Development

Engaging and immersive Virtual Reality experiences is our specialty. The key is our skilled technical engineers in combination with our talented 3D artists. We have a proven track record of delivering VR education programs and VR games successfully.

Augmented Reality Development

Having an AR application can become a pivotal asset for your business, whether it’s a retail store, hospitality services or entertainment. Our engineers will help you create an engaging AR experience that will boost your sales and marketing.

Games Development

With over 8 years of game development experience, our team has an extensive understanding of the difference between the UX of VR and mobile/web games. This knowledge helps us overcome the challenge of designing impactful, easy-to-use, and natural-feeling controls for VR games.

3D Art Development

Our 3D Artists are specialists in 3D modeling, rigging, animation, and texturing. They have mastered a variety of styles—from low poly to photorealistic. High-quality 3D art is always an integral part of your VR, AR or gaming project; however, you can also request art development as a separate service.
Bear Spray VR
Slingshot Cowboy VR
Tennis AR

Case study: High quality 3D art for Bear VR

An immersive, high definition 3D scene and 3D assets package created for an educational platform. 3dsMax, Maya and Unreal Engine 4 have been used to set up and animate the scene.

Case study: Slingshot Cowboy VR game

We made a remake of a minimalistic 2D mobile game to an exciting 3D version that can be played on Apple TV, HTC Vive or Oculus Rift using Unity3d. Try and see what beautiful, feature-rich and fun experience can be gained with passion, skills, and expertise.

Case study: Tennis AR game

Tennis demonstrates the classic playfield getting built on the surface, which can be observed from different angles with the punch of the ball and its reception. It's created with Vuforia and Unity3d tools.

Case study: PlaneFinity side-flying game

PlaneFinity is a universal game. The BVG Software team worked hard to make it one of the best side-flying game. A beautiful low-poly graphics, weather effects and day/night cycle were implemented in the game. So you can explore a huge map and continuously changing 2.5D terrain.

Meet BVG Software Group VR, AR and game dev experts

Our Virtual and Augmented Reality experts analyze your requirements and recommend top-notch technical solutions to achieve your goals. We are focused on execution - on time and on budget commitment, and always take time to learn your business and understand your priorities.
Artem, Unity/UE4 Developer
6+ years of professional Unity developer experience. Highly skilled in C# programming, Unity framework, Unreal Engine 4 framework and visual effects development.
Alexander, Unity Developer
5+ years of professional Unity developer experience. Highly skilled in C# programming, cross-platform development and Unity API.
Gleb, Computer Graphics & 3D Art Designer
11+ years in computer graphics design. Highly skilled in Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator tools, as well as complex 3D art integration and optimization methods.

What our clients say

  • Matthew Smith

    Managing Director, Edg-VR

    They get results. Internal and external feedback has been overwhelmingly positive — our system is used every day so we can't have it breaking. They're good about working on the things that we need them to deliver.
  • Steve Schofield

    Managing Director and Founder,

    I very much enjoyed the early relationship that we built together and the professional and friendly approach and high-quality implementation provided by the team. This was a successful trial project and I look forward to further stages of development.
  • Pryce Duncalf

    Creative Director/Software Designer, Munk Studios

    They have a fresh, enthusiastic perspective. In light of our technical experience, they've been understanding and supportive about where we're coming from.