Diving Universe Social Networking Platform

The client, an experienced diver himself, aimed to create a platform that would become a worldwide social networking platform with the intent of making divers' activities safer and to help them in sharing the experience with others.

Challenges accepted

Challenges accepted

Diving Universe was designed as an absolutely necessary tool for divers around the world that might have become such only with a strong and alive community around it.
The dive computer is an essential, wearable device for divers, but due to the lack of technical documentation, its integration with the mobile application is promised to be challenging.

Solutions found

Solutions found

By creating an ultimate catalog of diving destinations as well as providing divers with vital and social networking functionalities, the Diving Universe attracted more than 1,500 divers around the world.
Synchronization with the dive computer provided access to a variety of necessary logs, such as water and air temperature, start and end dive time maximum and average depths, etc. This information made Diving Universe a very convenient tool for divers.
  • Ultimate divers’ community

    Diving Universe is the online resource that aims to become an ultimate catalog of diving destinations created for divers. Each diver can join the community, find friends, and share their own diving experience.
  • The website

    Engaging user experience was created for the website so divers can easily interact with the community, find friends, leave feedback about a certain destination, and check out/save/share their recent logs.
  • Mobile application

    Diving Universe app synchronizes with the dive computer by Shearwater — model Petrel 2 via Bluetooth connection. The application allows to create and save logs as well as keep diving statistics in a comfortable view.

Technologies used

We were able to provide our client with constant maintenance and support as a result of using the latest and most stable technologies and programming languages, such as PHP, Laravel, Swift, Java, and others.

What our clients say

  • Nick Andrianov
    CEO, Diving Universe
    It's a pleasure to work with BVG Software Group team. They've brought my idea of social network to life exactly as I imagined. Also taking good care of it as a support team.