5 March, 2018

BVG Software Group has joined Clutch

BVG Software Group is excited to announce our new partnership with Clutch. BVG Software Group now has a profile on Clutch, where our ratings and reviews are prominently featured, and the work we conduct is highlighted. Clutch is a ratings and reviews research-based firm in Washington DC, and it is exciting to see that our work and our business is reaching far and wide and now even more people get to hear about us. What exactly does this profile mean?

It means that our clients get to speak about their experience with us, and they get to say the good and bad of working with us. Yet so far, there only seems to be good. Quotes and testimonials are singing our praises. We do not need to brag about ourselves because our clients are doing that for us.

“They did a great job putting together the whole platform from scratch and brought a lot of value to our initial ideas.”

We are not only going to tell you that we will produce results, we actually will produce the results. With us, what you see is what you get. There is no false advertising or empty promises, and to prove that, we have our verified profile and reviews. Thanks to Clutch, all our compliments, and comments about our excellence work is created and curated in one place to make it easier for all current and future clients.

“Their project manager did a great job of taking our ideas and suggestions and turning them into an actual requirements list.”

All we can say is that we are excited to see where this partnership take us, and we are excited about more positive reviews that are coming our way!

For more information visit our profile on


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